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Southeast Asia for

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Equator Alliance is an exciting Social Commerce collaboration between leading MCNs in Asia


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Across Platforms & Verticals

From the shopping heavens of

—— Singapore + Korea + China.

 Top 3  (most developed) in Asia’s

cross-border e-Commerce markets.

 Top 10 MCN  with Asia's leading platforms.

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The Next Big  Disruption
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Equ.aL Thought Leadership. Special Series.
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Equator Influencer Academy (EQIA)
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We believe in putting our
clients’ success at the
heart of all we do. 
Together. We Are Stronger.
One Star & LBP have joined forces to better support your influencer journey.

And that's what our top clients seek too

Empowering Creators | Redefining Markets

Likes no longer equal success, authenticity sells. What’s your next move?

Empowering Creators

Redefining Markets

 “No One 
 Should Be 
 Left Behind” 
Echoing  ASEAN Youth Forum's recent shoutout
The mission of Equator Alliance is exactly that
Levelling the
Playing Field
for All

Why Equator?

The name ēˈkwādər is derived from the medieval Latin word “aequare” which means 'make equal’. 

Like equatorial regions are ideal places for rocket launches into space, we equip & skyrocket stars of tomorrow into space, Metaverse & beyond.